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Cable TV 101
History of Cable TV and Installer Technical Skills

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Upon completion of this course, the student should understand the history of Cable TV and most importantly, have a basic and sound understanding of how Cable TV is delivered to the customer's home all taught in layman's terms. The student should also understand basic trouble-shooting skills, cable losses, frequency allocations, ingress, SOI, leakage and basic plant design.

In addition, as part of the course and in cooperation with Werner ladders, we are pleased to offer Werner's Ladder Safety Course providing a Certificate upon successful completion of their online course.

This course is a generic industry wide version and would be applicable to anyone. We can tailor this course to your specific needs and market requirements. Please contact us by using this form.

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Finally! A site dedicated to helping people start a new career in Cable TV. Learn how to become a Cable TV Installer. Find out what questions to ask on an interview, what to expect during training and what will be expected of you.

Browse our site and find out for free. Invest in yourself and purchase our Cable TV 101 Course containing 10 modules, module quizzes and a final course test to prepare yourself for your new future in the Cable TV Industry. All for one low price.

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Take 2 Course Modules for Free.

We have set up 2 modules to experience our course for free. We have chosen The RF Spectrum and Werner Ladder Safety. As an added benifit to you, once you successfully complete the Werner Ladder Safety Course, you will be able to download a personalized certifcate directly from Werner Ladders.

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How kinking the cable impacts impedence
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Course Modules...

1. History of Cable TV

2. The RF Spectrum   

3. Channel Mapping   

4. Bonding and Grounding   

5. Attenuation   

6. Coaxial Cable and
    Compression Fittings   

7. HDMI, Component Cables, Etc   

8. Werner Ladder Safety
9. How a Cable TV System Works   

10. Aerial Drop Installation   

11. Serious Incidents and Reviews   

12. Your Role As a CATV Installer and The Customer   

13.  Telephony ( VOIP )

50 Question Final Test

Students who successfully complete the course receive a personalized Course Completion Certificate

Students who successfully complete the Werner Ladder Safety Module can immediately download a personalized Course Completion Certificate directly from Werner Ladders